NPP #1: Senility of the Senate

As a part of a daily series called Non-Political Politics (NPP), Yusoof Monawvil posts daily updates on the obscure, quirky, and unconventional aspects of the United States’ key political institutions—in an undoubtedly non-political manner

Ages of SenatorsNPP.png

Today’s map shows the mean age of each state’s Senate delegation in the 115th Congress. With Senator Bernie Sanders (76 years) and former President Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy (77 years), Vermont tops the chart with a mean age of 76.5 years. At the other end of the spectrum, Cory Gardner (43 years) and Michael Bennet (52 years) give Colorado the title of youngest Senate delegation with a mean age of 47.5 years.

All NPP maps are original content made by Yusoof Monawvil

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Yusoof Monawvil is a Sri Lankan-American international student with a knack for history and politics. When not glued to his computer screen, he can often be found wandering through nature and exploring derelict urban sites.

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