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Roy Moore ’17: A Hard-Learned Lesson for the GOP

While Roy Moore’s failed Alabama Senate campaign may have resulted in the loss of a GOP Senate seat, Senate establishment Republicans nevertheless breathe a sigh of relief. As allegations of sexual misconduct began to unfold, Senate Republicans started to distance themselves from the potential of a party deadweight in future elections.

Where Republican Senators stand on Roy Moore

With clear calls for withdrawal having come from all but three Senate Republicans¹, many Republican Senators are fruitlessly blaming the seat loss on Moore’s poor performance as a candidate. The problem with putting the blame on poor campaigning is that it completely negates how a candidate like Roy Moore actually managed to get all the way to the general election in the first place. In order to understand how the GOP could fail in quite possibly the reddest state in the Union, spectators need only to look back on September’s Alabama GOP primary.

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Midterm Profile: Sherrod Brown

This week’s midterm profile takes a look at Ohio’s Senior Senator, Sherrod Brown, the populist Democrat from Mansfield.

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With Josh Mandel essentially being a shoo-in inside the GOP primary, Democrats nationwide are skeptical of Brown’s ability to keep up with his young opponent, whom he beat in the last election by a margin of six points.

Even though Brown comes from a state that Trump won in by a sizeable margin, his consistent fiscal policy and bipartisan work sets him apart from many Senate Democrats. When it came to Ohio and the Democratic firewall states in last year’s election, it was Democrats of a more liberal and seemingly distanced brand that led dissatisfied independents to go the Trump route.

Sherrod Brown definitely is not the polar opposite of Trump-voting Republicans. He opposed NAFTA when he served in the House and voiced dissent regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the Obama White House.

Unlike Trump, Brown has remained consistent in this shared regard—eager to point out the Trump White House’s dependence on corporate America, calling the White House “a retreat for Goldman Sachs executives.”

All in all, I’d say that Democrats ought to pay more attention to the races of Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow, Montana’s Jon Tester, and Missouri’s Claire McCaskill. I’d go as far as to say that taking up a more populist platform and attitude like Brown’s might help them secure their seats.


A New Mike Order?

The realm of Senatorial politics has long since been the talk of conspiracy theories. Heck, Senators have been involved in secretive societies all throughout the United States. From Washington’s Levi Ankeny on the Pacific to Rhode Island’s Robert Taft on the Atlantic, Senatorial history is clouded with the going-ons and workings of secretive societies all throughout America. I’ve taken an in-depth analysis of Senatorial patterns. I’ve come away with one huge takeawaya takeaway that’s left me shaken to the core…

A New Mike Order?

Sure, if you’re a C-SPAN nerd like myself and have been paying attention to Senate politics, you might have heard of Mike Enzi, Mike Crapo, Mike Rounds, Michael Bennet, and Mike Lee, but you probably never came to the realization that the states they represent form one contiguous body.

Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe there’s some secret political society aimed at electing Mikes to positions of power…

…Or maybe there’s just a slightly higher percentage of people named Mike in the American western interior.

In either case, President Trump better keep his eye on ol’ Mike Pence.