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NPP #3: Gender in the Senate


As a part of a daily series called Non-Political Politics (NPP), Yusoof Monawvil posts daily updates on the obscure, quirky, and unconventional aspects of the United States’ key political institutions—in an undoubtedly non-political manner

npp-three-genderinthesenateBlue: Delegation fully male | Purple: Delegation split| Red: Delegation fully female

Today’s NPP map features a look at the gender makeup of the Senate. Though women make up little over a fifth of the Senate with a total of twenty-one seats being filled by women, only three states have fully female delegations: New Hampshire, Washington, and California. Out of those twenty-one female Senators, sixteen are Democrats, and five are Republicans.

Quite curiously, both members of New Hampshire’s delegation were governor directly prior to being elected to the Senate, Freshman Senator Maggie Hassan’s tenure being from 2013 to 2017 and Senior Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s tenure lasting from 1997 to 2003.