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NPP #4: Children of the Senate

As a part of a daily series called Non-Political Politics (NPP), Yusoof Monawvil posts daily updates on the obscure, quirky, and unconventional aspects of the United States’ key political institutions—in an undoubtedly non-political manner

In light of recent events, today’s map addresses the matter of children in the Senate.

…I speak not of childish or immature acts on the floor of the Senate, but of the actual children of Senators.

Sum of Senators' Children

Some noteworthy points of interest:

  • Arizona’s Senators have a total of twelve children between them: Senator Flake with five children, and Senator McCain with seven children.
  • Utah’s delegation comes second with a total of nine children between Senator Lee and President Pro Tempore Hatch, with three and six children, respectively.
  • Out of South Carolina’s delegation, neither Tim Scott nor Lindsey Graham have any children.

A New Mike Order?

The realm of Senatorial politics has long since been the talk of conspiracy theories. Heck, Senators have been involved in secretive societies all throughout the United States. From Washington’s Levi Ankeny on the Pacific to Rhode Island’s Robert Taft on the Atlantic, Senatorial history is clouded with the going-ons and workings of secretive societies all throughout America. I’ve taken an in-depth analysis of Senatorial patterns. I’ve come away with one huge takeawaya takeaway that’s left me shaken to the core…

A New Mike Order?

Sure, if you’re a C-SPAN nerd like myself and have been paying attention to Senate politics, you might have heard of Mike Enzi, Mike Crapo, Mike Rounds, Michael Bennet, and Mike Lee, but you probably never came to the realization that the states they represent form one contiguous body.

Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe there’s some secret political society aimed at electing Mikes to positions of power…

…Or maybe there’s just a slightly higher percentage of people named Mike in the American western interior.

In either case, President Trump better keep his eye on ol’ Mike Pence.