The Handle

What use is an umbrella without a handle to hold it with?

The Handle is Lone Umbrella’s subscriber-exclusive weekly newsletter. In order to fully comprehend the rationale for The Handle‘s name, a look at Lone Umbrella’s conceptual origin is necessary.

From our About Us page:

The rationale behind our logo has its grounds in both history and politics. In the 5th century BCE, the Aristoi of Greece—the elite men of Athenian society—underwent an interesting sort of fashion progression that proved that in days of old, even elitist fashion sense had its roots in practical defense. Vase iconography bears witness to this progression as male figures on pottery transitioned from carrying swords, then spears, then staffs, and finally parasols with which to shelter themselves from the ever-hot Mediterranean sun.

We too can learn something from Athenian fashion history. No longer does the average person have to worry about the troubles of war or combat. The overwhelming volume of information is to the modern man as the mid-day Mediterranean sun was to the Aristoi of Greece. And so Lone Umbrella attempts to offer its readers a cool and dry shelter from the bombast and rhetoric of daily political news.

Subscribers of The Handle support our work at Lone Umbrella. Scratch that. You—our subscribers—are The Handle. Our team works off of precise feedback to give you the kind of content that you want to see.

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