Maximum Sentences for Bribery in Latin America

Kicking off commentary on Latin America, Lucas Tisani marks his foray into corruption in the region and the embattled system that seeks to dismantle.


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The Long Reach of Chinese Censorship

I spent the last ten years living in China’s Xinjiang province, one of the country’s so-called “autonomous regions.” In my experience, labeling these regions as such had little to do with autonomy and everything to do with the local governments being able to pull in more money from tourism. This exploitive tourism featured costumed dancers in tightly controlled environments with thematic scenery and had little to do with anything that might be culturally controversial; it was all cultural appropriation on a horrifying scale.

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Myanmar Leaders Face Heat Over Retirement Perk They Once Swore Off

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other top officials have come under fire for being granted prime real estate in the capital at preferential prices under a state program, contradicting their reformist pledges to shun perks of power in a country impoverished by decades of misrule.

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