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Visualized: American Public Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage

Blue: Support | Light Green: Plurality opposed | Dark Green: Majority opposed

On this week’s America Visualized, we take a look at public opinion on state-recognized same-sex marriages. All data used in making the maps above comes from the PRRI, the Public Religion Research Institute.

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A Word on Mapping Bias


Level 1 (<525) | Level 2 (525-530) | Level 3 (530-535) | Level 4 (535-540) | Level 5 (<540)

So you come across this map on an article relating to an issue or policy you’re a bit skeptical of. You see the geographic correlation in the map—the number of units (in parentheses) is very low in the northern Mountain States and Dakotas. If you’re like most people, you gloss over the details of the map and cede over that the author might have some sort of a point. After all… you can see that the data sources the map was written by are credible—the author seems to have provided objective proof.

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